The Secrets to Making Money on Fiverr

I started out my freelance career several years ago. I needed to reach a broader audience. I saw upwork and Fiverr as options. I made a page on both sites and the rest is history. I couldn’t imagine how much money I would make on both sites. The amount of responses and messages was so overwhelming that I had to get a friend to help relay the requests to me as I worked. It was incredible. The money just kept rolling in. It was one client after another.

I’m going to reveal exactly how I made money on Fiverr and how you can too.

Really quickly, for people who don’t know: Fiverr is a freelance site where you offer your services in an ad similar to craigslist (sort of) and clients reach out to you for your services. So for instance if you’re a graphic designer or a web designer people pay you for your services. People pay you for your work. For one person on this site this can be monumental to how much you’re getting. Just one day of work can net you a profit of thousands for one website design.

If you don’t believe me go to Fiverr right now. You can see for yourself. The earnings potential is tremendous especially for those that are computer savvy.

If you’re a graphics designer for movies, voice over artist, there are opportunities for you! You don’t have to be the best at what you do but that helps a lot.

Now I have to digress. If you are very good at what you do then you can charge more. Competition has gotten much heavier on Fiverr in the past couple years. The high earners are still on Fiverr but have been oversaturated with many less than qualified men and women on the site.

This shouldn’t scare you! If you’re great at what you do you should definitely give this a shot.

I was shocked after a few weeks of the responses I was receiving and the money that was coming in. Don’t get me wrong. I had a bunch of experience and credits to backup my page. I was definitely one of the better people in my genre on the site just from the quality of material I was providing alone. Therefore I could charge high prices and earn more.

For many of us we may think that we’re “too good” for Fiverr. Well think of Fiverr like this: Cameo. I’m sure you’re aware of cameo. It’s a celebrity video making service. You pay a celebrity to say something to a camera. There are dozens of BIG TIME celebrities on there all the time. Norm Macdonald was on there. Fiverr is just extra income for you just like cameo. There’s nothing wrong with making an extra $20,000 grand per year or more depending on what you’re doing on the site.

You can expect over $20,000 if you put a little extra time into the page. IT TAKES TIME! Don’t rush it.

You don’t have to be the best but it definitely helps if you are!

The best tips I can give you are:

  1. make a page that’s attractive to the buyer
  2. do what you love and make it real.
  3. pick a genre that people need and can’t do themselves like seo.
  4. have patience
  5. Provide the best customer service
  6. get the product to them quick!

You’ll be fine. Fiverr is an excellent way to make a little extra income. I wouldn’t necessarily rely on Fiverr for all of your income as I would never recommend only having one income stream. Trust me though. I’ve made money on Fiverr and so have thousands of others. It worked for me. Good luck!




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