The Top 8 Ways to Entertain your cat Save your cat from boredom!

Cats LOVE to sleep. They’re nocturnal animals that love to nap during the day and go crazy at certain times of the day or at night depending on the amount of rest they get, the age of the cat and other variables. Kittens seem to be the easiest to entertain as they’re new to life and seem to be entertained by everything! Kittens are easy. It’s the cat’s who don’t seem to love engagement or middle aged cats that seem to need more attention than the average cat. Sleeping is an extremely healthy activity for your cat to enjoy but exercise is super essential for a cat!

If you work from home or are around the house there are various things you can do with your cat to keep them as happy and healthy as can be! We’ll get into these activities for your cat in this article. If you’re the type of person that ventures out for most of the day and your cat is trapped in the house there are also a ton of activities for your cat to do as well. We’ll take a look at some of these activities for your cat to do too.

Before we get into these activities there are two huge reasons why you’d want to allow your cat to have fun, exercise instead of sleep all the time. The reasons are obvious: We love our cats. We want our cats to live as long and happy of a life as possible. Those are the main goals. So in order for a cat to be as happy and engaged as possible these are a few goals for a cat to do and have some fun in the process.

Number 1: Get a Fish Tank

This is a great one if you’re out of the house for most of the day. Cats love to watch fish swim around in an enclosed fish tank! Fish tanks are easy to maintain for the most part and better yet it keeps your cats happy! I would just make sure your cat won’t be able to get into the fish tank or knock the fish tank over.

Number 2: Get a bird feeder

Similar to the first idea, Bird feeders for wild birds are a great way for your cat to be engaged and entertained. Bird food for wild birds is very cheap for the most part. Plus you’d be helping wild birds while ALSO keeping your cat entertained! This is a win win!

Number 2: Get another Cat!

Cat’s love friends. Adopting another cat is beneficial for your cat because you can give another kitty a home and you can give your cat some much needed companionship. This is simply another win win! Cats love to run around with each other even when you’re not feeling up to it. Remember to shave their claws however because you don’t want them to scratch each other.

Tip: If you were to go with this option it’s highly suggested to pair a female with another female or male with a male and not the opposite sex. Especially if they’re not fixed for obvious reasons. (Unless you allow free love for which I’d say power to you I guess.)

The big reason however is because I’ve had a few pairs of the opposite sex with cats. Generally they’re much more aggressive with each other. It varies of course. I’m just telling you my personal experience as well as others I know.

Number 3: Facetime your cat

A great way to engage your cat when you’re away is video chatting with them. How amazing would it be for both of you to say high to one another via video chat?

Number 4: Go for a walk

Going for a walk is an awesome thing for you and your cat to enjoy. Fresh air is almost always beneficial as long as it doesn’t give your cat serious anxiety. Some cats are indoor cats only so if your cat isn’t into it please don’t force them. There are plenty of things to do inside for your cat to enjoy!

Number 5: Play Tag!

Yes! This is the most fun I have with my cat. If they’re in the mood you can engage them with a little game of tag. Sometimes cats love to hide and cause a little chaos. Set up a few boxes around the house and wait for your cat to be engaged. If they are chase them into the box, shake it up gently when they’re in them and chase them around the house! So much fun!

Number 6: Slide them in a box

Kitty amusement parks are all the rage this year. If you have an empty kitty food box all you need to do is slide it across the room gently. 9/10 cats love this and are puzzled by this type of trick! Remember to slowly push the box. Anything to quick is dangerous for the cat, and tell them to keep all legs, arms feet and paws inside the box at all times.

Number 7: Play Ping Pong

Many cats love Ping pong balls! Sliding them across the room makes the cat jump or attack the little white bouncy bounce. You could even bounce the balls on the wall and allow the cat to get them. Ping pong balls are a cheap and fun way for a cat to be engaged and entertained!

Number 8: Allow them to play with their favorite toy! Or get a new one! All cats have something to play with, If they don’t- an awesome cat toy is just a click away!

Cats absolutely love play time and fun. Remember to allow your cat to have plenty of exercise. Remember, there are a ton of awesome things you can have fun with your cat with like teaching them a new trick like a high five, or simply allowing your cat to look out the window at a new bird feeder. There are so many ways to engage with and keep your favorite feline entertained.

Thanks for reading!!




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