Travis Scott Needs to Be Cancelled for the Astroworld incident

On Friday around 9:30pm in Houston, at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival, Travis Scott was performing on stage with Drake in the last portion of Travis’ epic setlist. 8 people died in the audience, others were in cardiac arrest, and dozens more traumatized forever by one of the most horrific incidents at a rap concert, ever. The lyrics by Travis Scott “It ain’t a mosh pit if there’s no injuries” rings in my head as I’m writing this article.

The worst part is, that this could have all been prevented. Of course, Drake and Travis Scott’s name are attached to this incident as the main faces of this incident. Livenation, and the concert organizers are mostly responsible in my opinion for the way the audience was arranged, among other things that led to this. I believe they are either more responsible or equally responsible as the performers for this incident.

The bodies were being carted out from being crushed according to stories that are coming out. Medical personnel couldn’t get to the victims at the time of this incident. Apparently according to one video, a woman got onto a pole and tried to call out for Travis Scott to stop the show. Travis never did.

Why didn’t the festival organizers stop the concert? Why didn’t Travis Scott stop the show? He had a view of the entire incident from that stage. I’m not saying that Travis knew that anyone was dying. I’m saying that I believe he knew there was trouble. There’s no doubt about it. Why didn’t the concert producer or someone upstairs CUT THE MIC! WHY?

I was the biggest Travis Scott fan. I’m probably the biggest anti-cancel culture person there is (with the exceptions of Bill Cosby and others of course.) I don’t believe someone should be cancelled for a bad joke for instance while rappers lyrics they’re describing are way more vulgar. This is another story. This incident is on another level.

Travis Scott could have stopped the show. There were obviously bodies being carried out in front of him. There were obviously medical personnel that had serious difficulty. PEOPLE WERE DYING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. There has to be accountability. People will (and already have) started to sue Live Nation, Drake and Travis Scott. They should.

This incident could have easily been prevented by at least stopping the show. Travis Scott continued to perform the entire setlist. This was never cut short. He said to himself “F- It. I have Drake on stage.” The negligence by Travis Scott cannot be understated here.

This incident will lead to many changes by music festivals going forward. This isn’t the first time there has been concerns by anyone going to music festivals by fans being crushed. We’ve all been to festivals or concerts. Many of us have been in the front of the stage, and many of us have similar experiences of breathing heavily or difficulty breathing, by head banging to a concert.. whoever the performer is. It’s horrifying to know that something like this could happen.

Astroworld was my favorite album. Travis Scott was one of the best rappers I could really get behind. Today, I can’t listen to his music knowing so many people died while these songs were being played, while Live Nation suits had their arms folded and Travis and the producers of the show kept the concert going from beginning to end. I just can’t stand it! This is something that should bankrupt a company like Live Nation through legal suits. In a perfect world they would be ruined. They deserve it for the negligence of organizing a concert like this. They packed as many people as possible into this space and to me it looks like they didn’t care. all they give a blank about is MONEY. The more people they could fit in, the more money they could make.

This is so disturbing to me on every level. There is so much more coming out about this incident. We’re still learning so much. I am calling on the cancellation of LiveNation. I will not be attending any more of their concerts. I really hope there will be a boycott.

I am boycotting Travis Scott. I never thought I would. I believe Travis Scott will be and has been cancelled. But what I do believe is a path forward to redemption after Travis Scott’s debts have been paid. Believe me. He will pay his debts to this incident. I do believe that day may come but not until the victims families, and everyone has been taken care of. Nothing will ever bring those 8 people back. They were just there to have fun. These people just wanted to rap along to sicko mode. What they got was a Final Destination movie. It’s a disgrace.

No one will ever bring back the 7 people dead from the Indiana Sugarland concert stage either. This was an event back in 2011. An entire stage fell on these people crushing them all because Live Nation, again the festival organizers didn’t evacuate quickly enough either. Livenation wanted this Indiana concert to go on because if it didn’t no one would get paid.

But hey maybe with the millions these people made from merch and tickets, I’m sure they’ll be able to pay their legal fees. I’m sure they’ll still have a bunch of money to pay for their 20 million dollar mansions too.




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