WARNING this popular Rotary Tool almost took my Eye out

Rotary tools are a fantastic way to sand things around the house. They can be used to sand wood, ceramic and other material. Normally these products go for around $50 if you’re buying this item from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

I bought mine from a drop shipper. I did this because the prices of these rotary tools on the drop shipping websites are much cheaper. In fact they’re half the price at only $25.

I said to myself, “hm. what can it hurt?” Lets just say I regret that decision whole heartily.

Drop shipping electronics are almost always a risk if you’re a drop shipper. They can break, or they’re made poorly. They also have the possibility of malfunctioning.

This rotary tool did just that. The directions were awful and illegible first of all. The drill bits that came with the product seemed fine though and the rotary tool itself also seemed OK. It was made or lesser quality but it still seemed usable. In this case for half the price that’s just about all I cared about. I just needed it to work. That’s all.

I was sanding something around the house using this drill bit and the rotary tool on literally the lowest possible setting. All of a sudden IT TOOK OFF! The drill bit skidded across my arm and landed on the floor. Funny enough I looked up internal bleeding because I always think the worst when these things happen. It wasn’t that bad but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE if I had angled the drill bit the wrong way.

I immediately put that thing back in the box and said ENOUGH OF THAT. NEVER AGAIN.

So that’s the danger of drop shipping tech or hardware. It can malfunction and you’ll get returns all the time. Why would you put yourself in that position? You’re in the drop shipping business to make money not lose it on pricey returns.

If you’re a buyer well, Why even bother buying one when you’re risking your personal safety when you can spend the extra $25 for peace of mind. For this tool and other hardware tech going forward I’m sticking to major brands. I’m not saying those don’t have the possibility of malfunctioning or breaking as well but I’ll choose that any day of the week rather than the cheap one of ali express. Think of all the money you’ll save in potential trips to the emergency room!




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